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1. No Returns on E-Liquids: We are unable to accommodate returns, exchanges, or refunds for E-Liquids due to the individualized nature of taste preferences. All sales of E-Liquids are conclusively final.

2. Return Eligibility for Defective Products: Returns are accepted only for items that are defective, with the exception of e-liquids, pods, and closed system cartridges. These returns must be made within 7 days from the date of purchase. The item must be Dead On Arrival (DOA) to be eligible for a return or exchange. We do not accept returns or exchanges of used hardware.

3. Process for Replacing or Crediting: In the event of a return, we will replace the item with a new one. If the same style is not in stock, a credit will be issued to your account.

4. Inspection and Responsibility for Return Costs: If a returned item is inspected and determined to be undamaged or altered, it will be sent back to the customer. Customers are responsible for covering the costs associated with returning the product.

All returns are reviewed on a case by case basis

Please email or contact us via the contact page.

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